luxury villaThe palladian styled, Villa Moro Malipiero, now owned by the Rigoni Savioli noble family, was commissioned by Nicolò Malipiero in 1557. On the front there are four Ionic order semi-columns. On the ground floor there is a splendid cap vaulted cellar. The ball room, which once occupied both floors of the central part of the house, was divided after the French Revolution leaving the top half intact, while the bottom was divided into 5 portions. The property sits on 20,000 sq m of land with a garden, three orchards, a thermal water well, a Colombara tower, and various barns. Another architectural jewel is the still consecrated chapel. Many of the rooms contain frescoes by Gian Battista Zelotti, student of Veronese. The paladin floors are original Venetian with a single cast.

Why living in Italy?
Italy has 0.5% of the Earth's surface and 0.83% of the citizens in the world.
It is the only peninsula in the world that goes from north to south in a closed quiet sea.The sea winds meet with those of the hills and mountains, unique in the world.
In 0.5% of the population there are:

  • It has 7.000 kinds of edible plants, with Brazil Who is second with 3.000.
  • 58,000 animal species against China Who is second with 20.000.
  • 1.800 native grapes the second country is France with 200.
  • 997 different types of apples, where as all of Europe has 1232.
  • 140 types of wheat, the second is the USA with 6.
  • Italy is the country with the most biodivertisity in the world.
  • It has also the largest Ethnic  groups( they say,it is where the Neanderthal and the Sapiens met....)
  • Italy has 70% of the Worlds Artistic heritage alongside with some of the most beautifull scenery.

These are only some of the reasons to live in Italy

Luxury Villa Fresco

Giovanni Battista Zelotti (1526 – 28 August 1578) was an Italian painter of the late Renaissance, active in Venice and her mainland territories.

He appears to have been born in Verona, then part of the Venetian mainland, and trained with Antonio Badile and Domenico Riccio, as well as perhaps Titian. Bernasconi claims he trained with his uncle Paolo Farinati. He is called Battista da Verona by Vasari, and was also known as Battista Farinati. He was a contemporary of Paolo Veronese and shared work in the Villa Soranza near Castelfranco (1551) and at Venice: the ceiling of the Sala del Consiglio dei Dieci in the Doge's Palace (1553-4); the Biblioteca Marciana (1556-7), and the Palazzo Trevisan (1557) on Murano. Zelotti came to embody the Veronese tradition on the mainland. He frescoed villas designed by Andrea Palladio, notably Villa Emo and Villa Foscari, where he worked with Bernardino India and Battista Franco: the exact number of Palladian villas he frescoed is not known. With the painter Giovanni Antonio Fasolo he worked also at Villa Caldogno (about 1570) and at Palazzo Porto Colleoni Thiene. In the 1570s he decorated the castle of the Obizzi family at Battaglia Terme with 40 frescoes. He also worked in Mantua for the house of Gonzaga.

Luxury Villa Italy